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Honduras has been hit by several natural disasters and politi􏰀cal crises within the past decade. The country is s􏰀till recovering from 1998’s catastrophic Hurricane Mitch; in 2009, a 7.1 earth‐ quake caused major damage to the na􏰀tion's infrastructure, and a military coup occurred the same year. But the light of the gospel has penetrated the darkness and opened the door to great opportuniti􏰀es to minister in His name.

Ministry Description

Working side by side with full‐􏰀time MTW missionaries in La Ceiba, short‐ term teams can parti􏰀cipate in a variety of work projects, medical ministry, youth ministry, Vaca􏰀tion Bible School, church leadership training, outreach to homeless youth, and other evangelis􏰀tic initi􏰀a􏰀tives. Short‐term teams fly into San Pedro Sula, then take a private bus or a domes􏰀c flight into La Ceiba. Transportati􏰀on will be provided to and from the ministry sites daily. Teams will stay at the newly constructed team dorms. All meals while in Honduras are included in the trip cost. This project is great for adult and youth teams.

Team Honduras 2014

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On August 9, 2014 a group of 12 from Bethany headed to La Ceiba, Honduras on a short-term mission trip. Bethany recently became connected to the mission work in Honduras through our Missions Coordinator, Pam Leathers, who introduced us to the Clow family. It was a great blessing to all who went as we worked side-by-side with those God has called to full-time missions in La Ceiba. We saw the fruit of God's work being done there and we were all changed by what we experienced.
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While in La Ceiba we worked with MTW missionaries John and Kathy Clow. They lead the short-term teams who come to La Ceiba and they do a fantastic job of hosting teams. Their planning made each day full of joy, excitement, and ministry opportunity. They are part of the Mission To the World team led by Mike and Erin Pettengill. Mike has served as the Team Leader for  MTW's church planting and medical/mercy mission team in La Ceiba, Honduras since 2008. His wife, Erin, is a Registered Nurse. In a recent outing with the Pettengill family, they shared testimonies of God's faithfulness in this work and we are excited to go. We thank the Lord for those at Bethany who have been faithful to send by providing the significant resources needed to fund this trip. Praise be to God!
February 13-20, 2016, Bethany Church will be heading back to La Ceiba on a joint trip with Trinity Presbyterian Church and Manor Presbyterian Church. We will be taking a team to do medical missions as well as meeting and ministering to the people of Honduras by sharing the love of Christ. Please pray for the team in the following ways: 1) That they will be able to raise the resources needed to pay for the trip, 2) That the hearts of people will be changed during our time there, that includes the hearts of the team! 3) That the Lord will deliver them safely and that their trip will be fruitful for His glory!

Mission to the World

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MTW mobilizes the worldwide Church for growth, actively serving in more than 85 countries.  The mercy ministries outreach highlights the crucial role of word and deed ministry in the growth of the Church around the world. Thy equip churches to carry out their unique vision for advancing the gospel of Christ through a variety of resources, including consulting services for pastors and missions leaders.