Bethany Presbyterian Church

COVID-19 Worship Restrictions

Bethany Regathering

After deliberation and prayer, the Bethany session has decided to resume in-person worship on June 14th, though with significant precautionary measures.
What you need to know:
  • Worship will begin at 11am.
  • Woody will begin teaching his ZOOM Sunday School class at 9:30am.
  • Every other pew will be roped off to maintain distance between family groups.
  • For now there will be no nursery, Junior Church, no Life Groups, and no congregational singing.
  • We'll make an effort for there to be fewer things to touch: the offering plate will not be passed, the front door will be kept open, bulletins will not be passed out by a greeter, and pew Bibles and hymnals will be taken out of the pews.
  • If more people come than the sanctuary can safely accommodate, there will be live-streaming of the service in the church basement and Sunday School room.

What you'll need to do:
  • Bring and wear a cloth face mask that covers your mouth and nose (age 13 and older, except for health/medical exemptions).
  • Maintain social distancing of six feet between others.
  • Bring your own Bibles.
  • Sit with household members, and stay with your children, please do not allow them to freely roam.
  • Refrain from hugging, handshakes, or other touching - stick to an "air five."
  • Please don't congregate (no pun intended) in the sanctuary, make your way outside to the parking lot to visit.
  • Pray for the Lord to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or think in our church and in churches around the world.
If you choose to attend, it means you are agreeing to abide by these restrictions. While we would all like to get back to normal quickly, this is our current plan, and we will be revisiting details regularly. Please pray for the session to have wisdom to know how to handle this difficult situation.
For some of you, you may not feel comfortable coming, or because of underlying risks it may be unwise to come. That is OK, and we don’t want you to feel judged for making that decision. Follow your conscience. For others of you, these restrictions seem overly strict and unnecessary. Yet I ask you before you grumble, consider your neighbor who may feel much safer with the restrictions we’ll have in place. Our goal is to do all things in love, and we ask for your cooperation and patience so that we can make church a welcoming place for everyone. And let's not forget the main thing - we worship a great and gracious God. He is king, and rules all things for the sake of his church.